Background: The greatest influence on Mexican cuisine was the arrival of the spanish conquistadors in the Yucatan peninsula in 1517.

Hernan Cortes One Of The Leaders Of The Spanish Forces

Hernan Cortes - One Of The Leaders Of The Spanish Conquistadors

These Spanish conquistadors (conquerors) were actually mercenaries not soldiers because they were not given weapons to use or armor to wear. These mercenaries were on average 34 years old and generally people who were looking for social class advancement. The captains of the Spanish force was the one that sorted out the spoils and treasures. Between 1519-1521 there was the battle between the Aztecs and the Spanish. The Spanish had many advantages in these years including metal swords, guns, armor and their most dangerous weapon, disease. In the end the Spanish won over the Aztecs and then had a massive influence on their cuisine because of the introduction of new livestock, honey, garlic and many dairy products.

Influence on modern Mexican cuisine: When the Spanish came and invaded the Aztecs, their supplies of food and drink became influential in modern Mexican cuisine. They did not change the styles of the foods the Aztecs ate but rather added to it with different flavours. The spanish brought many domesticated animals into Mexico, that the Aztecs had never even heard of before. These livestock included:

  • Cattle
  • Sheep
  • Pig
  • Horse

Along with the animals, the Spanish also brought lots of multicultural products that they got possession of from trading. The traded products consisted of lots of herbs and spices from Asia, lots of dairy and meat products from Europe. Honey and garlic were also big contributors to new dishes made by the Aztecs.

Dishes that exist today from the Spanish:

  • Tacos de bistek (Beef tacos)
  • Camarons al ajio (Garlic prawns)
  • Chorizo con queso (Pork sausage with cheese)
  • Mole poblano ( A dish from Puebla that is like a curry)

    Camarones Al Ajio (Garlic Prawns)

    Camarones Al Ajio (Garlic Prawns)


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