Yucatan Region Of Mexico

Yucatan Region Of Mexico

Down the south end of Mexico is the region of Yucatan. Many people believe that Yucatan is a state and not a region and they would be half right. Although Yucatan is a state the food displayed in that state influenced the surrounding states and also it is so unique that it is classified as a geographical region. The Yucatan regions staple is the chili habanero which is the spiciest pepper in the world. The Yucatan region has the major traditional influence of the pre-Hispanic civilization of the Mayans. The Mayans had a staple dish themselves and that was cochinita pibil (pork in the style of pibil). This dish is still one of the most common and loved dishes in the cuisine of the Yucatan region.

With the Yucatan Peninsula inside this region it is not surprising that a large portion of the cuisine in Yucatan is seafood. Livestock meats like cow and pig are also very common because Yucatan also has lots open space for agriculture. Along with this open space is the fact that the temperature is slightly colder then in the northern parts of Mexico meaning that fruits and corn can grow more easily so there is a lot more uses of fruits and corn. Chilies grow very well in the Yucatan region because of the temperature so that is why the spiciest chili in the world is found in this region. Although the spiciest chili is found here, the cuisine is very mild and and not much chili is used. With the Mayans influence over their cuisine insects were and still are eaten by the people that live in this region today.

To look at some delicious recipes from this region of Mexico click on the link below

Yucatan based recipes


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