Central Region Of Mexico

Central Region Of Mexico

The central region of Mexico includes states like Mexico City,  Puebla, Hidalgo and San Louis Potosi. These are a few of the states surrounding Mexico City and in the central Mexico region. This region is surrounded by mountains, valleys and open regions. The central region is one of the most diverse regions geographically and in the sense of cuisine. All the different regions cuisine comes into the central region because that is where Mexico city (capital) lies. Central Mexico is also the region in which the Aztecs lived in for hundreds of years so the cuisine here is very traditional and basic.

Cuisine in this region depends mostly on corn, wheat and meats, mainly because they

Grasshoppers (Chapulines)

Grasshoppers (Chapulines)

were ingredients often used in Aztec cooking and they are popular today. A common dish using some of these ingredients is mole. There are many different types of mole ranging through a variety of colours, but the most famous mole from Central Mexico is Mole Poblano which is a black mole from the region of Puebla. Another thing that distinguishes Central region cuisine is the rich sauces. In central Mexican cuisine the sauces are a lot richer and the use of dried chilies makes the sauces hotter and spicier. Insects like grasshoppers, spiders and ant eggs that were eaten buy the Aztecs are also eaten today in central Mexico. Insects make up a huge part of meals and are cooked in many different ways with salted and grilled being the most common.

To look at some delicious recipes from this region of Mexico click on the link below

Central based recipes


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