Meat And Fish

All different types of meat and fish are part of Mexican cuisine including some of the uncommonly eaten ones like snake, iguana, insects and deep dwelling fish. Mexican cuisine could not be what it is without it’s variety of meat and fish, and it is the most commonly used ingredient used in Mexican foods. Although seafood like fish and crustaceans are popular, different areas on the coast are the best places to get them like Acapulco and Cancun. The same applies for certain meats, places on the coast usually use seafood products and the states in more central regions eat more livestock meats like beef, chicken and pig.

Grilled Iguana

Grilled Iguana

The states in the central region of Mexico eat the most types of meat because of their traditional cuisine from the Aztecs. Common meats and fish that the Aztecs and Mayans ate include iguana, beef, turkey and pork. When the Aztecs were at their peak they used to only have two domesticated animals and they were dogs, turkeys and ducks.

In the costal regions of Mexico the marine animals that are eaten there are usually only fish, sharks and crustaceans. All of these animals are exported to other parts of Mexico where water is scarce. The best place to buy seafood is the markets in the areas close to the water. Originally the Aztecs did not lots of fish because they were located not very close to the coast. They could only get certain fish from rivers but this means no crustaceans at all.


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