Mexican Dried Corn

Mexican Dried Corn

Corn is an ingredient that has been used in Mexican cuisine since the pre-Columbian civilizations. It was originally sold at markets and  was first cultivated in 7000 BC. Corn was a vegetable that was for all classes of people because of it’s versatility in the different ways that it could be cooked and prepared. For younger people it was often boiled, adults liked it grilled and with lime and everyone used to make tamales once the corn was ground into dough and mixed with meat. Corn tortillas were also made by grinding the corn kernels into dough then pressed. To preserve the corns the Aztecs and Mayans would dry them and salt them. Corn is the most commonly used ingredient in modern Mexican cuisine .

Traditionally corn was praised in Mexico and offered to the Gods as a tribute. It was held in high regard and included in Aztecs and Mayans myths and legends. Modern dishes that include corn can vary between vegetarian and meat filled including:

  • Tortillas (Pressed corn dough)
  • Budin de elote (Corn Pudding)
  • Quesadillas (Tortillas with melted cheese inside)
  • Esquite (Grilled corn on the cob)
    Corn Dough In Pressing Machine

    Corn Dough In Pressing Machine

    Finished Corn Tortilla

    Finished Corn Tortilla


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