The different styles of food and procedures for making it are different and special to every country. Many different types of ingredients are used to produce different tastes and textures. Food in Mexico plays a massive part in defining Mexicans because of it’s high regard in taste.

With all the different types of food and drink in Mexico, there are four main ingredients that cover nearly every dish that exists from vegetarian to seafood. These four ingredients are form the ancient civilizations that habited ancient Mexico and the Spanish, that came and conquered the Aztecs. These primary ingredients to Mexican cuisine are:

  1. Chilies
  2. Beans
  3. Corn
  4. Meat and Fish

These ingredients are the most common ingredients in the whole of Mexican cuisine, especially chilies and beans. All of these ingredients except for fish are found everywhere in Mexico. This plays a big role on why they are so common in the food and drink of Mexico.

Click on the links above to find more out about each ingredient, in what, where and history of it.


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