Seven Of The Nine Flavours Of Jarritos

Seven Of The Nine Flavours Of Jarritos

Refrescos meaning refreshments or soft drinks, occur all over the world and Mexico is no exception. Mexico contains the usual assortment of sort drinks including Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite and many drinks that are only found in Mexico. These Mexican soft drinks are often fruit flavored and come in many varieties of fruit that are native to Mexico like guava, guayaba, jamaica, lima, jicama and many more. The biggest company in which these tropical fruit soft drinks come from is called jarritos, which has been operating since 1950. Jarritos is very popular in Mexico because of it’s authentic Mexican fruit flavours and for it’s refreshing component.


Popular Mexican Non-carbonated Fruit Drink

Other refreshments that Mexicans like to drink include lots of fruits that are either native to Mexico or that are liked all over the world. Sweet juices are often loved, with many brands found in Mexico like Boing, Jumex and Delaware punch. These juices are sold everywhere from super markets to convenient stores to local markets. These non-carbonated juices are very popular because of the sweetness and the fact that they are natural and refreshing.

The clientele of these refrescos are usually people that have a very physically demanding jobs such as construction workers and manual labour. These people prefer these drinks because they are refreshing. Some people even think  of these fruit juices as sports drinks because Mexicans often only drink them in hot conditions or if they have been working hard physically.


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